The Grand Cru

This is kinda the end of the first part of my trip. I haven’t even finished the blogging related to the ocean crossing and we are entering Chapter 2 in the BVI.

Rick informs me tonight that a fast moving storm system is moving into Ontario and may affect his travel plans in the morning. We are supposed to meet in Miami in the morning as both of our flights arrive around 9:30 in the morning. He said he was bringing tim hortons for me…black remember rick.

I hope that he is able to get out of Toronto it looks like I am good to get out of here tomorrow.

got up at 5 taxi by six first in line. Nothing like feeding my OCD about flying. I love to fly just OCD about lining up and paper work and the strip searches and X-rays. I’m wearing my hand crafted tin foil boxers just in case.

Another strip search tin foil compromised and confiscated.

More later…

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