The Beaches of Palm Beaches (?sp)

Friday March’s 30th, twenty eighteen

Yesterday we were in a holding pattern here at the Palm Beaches. We are booked into Nettles Island on April 2nd. We will spend the days between now and then at Peck Lake in the Hobe Sound Park. We have about twenty nautical miles and 8 more bridges.

We needed a few groceries to get through the next couple of days. When you are on the hook like us here at Lake Worth it is difficult to find a willing place to let you park your dinghy. I searched on Active Captain and found the Palm Beach Sailing Club. They offer short term memberships. When you join you get most of the club privileges; dump trash, get water, park the dinghy, eat and drink in the club, internet… All of this for a $16 dollar daily membership. The Club is located at: N26° 45.181 W080° 03.065, Palm Beach Sailing Club

I used google maps and located three grocery stores within easy walking distance. I did the easy walking but the grocery stores were nothing more than convenience stores more interested in payday loans, check cashing and one had notary public services… no chicken here.

There are only two shopping days left until my birthday… Black would be nice. This is a GT coupe.

I wasn’t getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about the neighbourhood so I walked back to the sailing club and called UBER from the gate. Within two minutes my ride appeared and I was whisked to the nearest Publix store in Palm Beach. The parking lot was full of very expensive cars, some were very very expensive cars. Valet parking is pretty much the standard on this side of the ditch. There were Bentleys, Mercedes, Rolls Royces, you get the picture, and I’m more comfortable that there will be chicken. There were a lot of old people. A number of the older shoppers were accompanied by their house keepers, some even in uniform, aprons and those shoes.

I had to buy brown eggs because one ‘shopper’ was inspecting the eggs, not for cracks but for appearance. Perhaps for easter crafts. She was filling the door to the regular eggs, I couldn’t wait I had to grab a dozen of the organic Gucci eggs. I was asked by an older gentleman if the corn I had in my hand was good. I had four cobs of the stripped cobs just for a change, and for ML she’s not a green veggie person. I told him that I hoped so. He grabbed a pack as well.

Croc flops

I went to the shortest line, I had 11 things and was pretty sure I would be jailed if I went to the express lane over here. I was in Croc flops. The only person ahead of me was that  grocery shopper from hell. As soon as I put my 11 items up on the cash she darted off to get another item. Then she asked the cashier for tape to hold the lid on her sour cream. Then she darted off to get red wine vinegar. Then she wanted to pay by cheque. Then she left items on the cash belt in front of me that the cashier thought were mine, then cashier ran after her. Then she wanted to pay by cheque again. Then she told the cashier to forget the items except the blue berries.  Then the guy behind me offered to pay for the f**king blue berries.

After that I went smoothly through the cash and now I needed a new UBER to get out of there. The interesting thing was the ride from Palm Beach to West Palm was three bucks more than to get from West Palm to Palm Beach.

When I got back to the boat ML was ‘wondering’ where I was.  more later



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