The ‘Black Prince’

Saturday March’s 31st, twenty eighteen

He looks just like this only replace the horse with a 38 foot sloop…

A long, long time ago (last night) in a land far away (Peck Lake, Hobe Sound, Florida) a small sail boat carried a dark and sinister force. The Black Prince was a long way from his Jamestown Rhode Island home. The Black Prince had a nice looking boat but he lacked competence. Competence being education, experience and skill.  We first noticed the Black Prince because he ran aground very close to the stern of Trixie from the land of Island Packet. One of the townsfolk from the land of Peck Lake offered some  assistance and the Black Prince was free again and then began circling, and circling, and circling terrorizing the land of Peck Lake.

Everyone would watch the Black Prince but when he would look at them they would look away and down not wanting the Black Prince to drop his anchor on yours or too close. On his 8th or 10th circle of the anchorage I left my eyes up too long and he caught my gaze. The Black prince flickered for an instant and I’m sure his eyes glowed crimson. Then quick as can be he dropped his anchor and snubbed it on about 30 feet of chain and came to rest half a boat length from Fracas.

From somewhere deep within I summoned the courage to stand on the deck and face this, this Black Prince. I believe I said “Do you have any idea what the hell you are doing”? That seemed to strike fear into this royal nightmare. “I don’t need your opinion” he replied and from that point forward ignored me. Even the damsel ML tried “Excuse me… Excuse me, you can’t stay there” she offered.

I have been on this earth for one day shy of 65 years, I know one can’t acquire common sense or anchoring etiquette in an evening. We moved, but not completely outside the reach of the short rode from Rhode Island (pun intended). When we moved the Black Prince’s claim improved, obviously we were the boat at fault if by simply moving we could improve his lot.

There is an uncertainty now about the weather. The Black Prince has brought swirling devilish clouds upon Peck Lake. I can’t wait to see his plans for us today. I wanted to show pictures but his image won’t appear on camera or mirrors I expect.  more later


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