Monday January 9th, 2017

I follow Northern Ontario Blizzard Watch on FaceBook. I notice again this morning that Little Current has a snow squall warning up for this morning. The weather is better here but it is still cool with the wind  down to 10 kts or so and veering to the NE. We need sun here and it might not come out today. I want to continue with the Teak refinishing and I can’t do that with wet wood.

With the weather so blustery we did not leave the boat yesterday. When you are on a mooring so close to shore that can lead to crew revolts and mutiny. To mitigate those potentials ML decided to can some chicken. Canning does not involve cans. It is a process to preserve stuff in sealed jars. It involves a lot of heat and a big pot pressure cooker thing that rattles and snorts on the stove for an hour and a half or so. But what else was there to do. One of the jars of chicken did not seal so guess what the dinner special was onboard… chicken. The chicken was very good and very tender.

The chicken canned like this is much better than some of the rubber chicken available frozen in the Islands. Under normal conditions I am very fond of rubber chickens just not in my dinner. That reminds me, I have to find Woody and get him back up on deck to ward off evil spirits.

We are still facing the weak Canadian Peso with no likelihood of it rising…



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