Tuesday January 10th, 2017

All of the snow warnings I still get about Manitoulin reminded me about a favourite favorite scene from WKRP in Cincinnati. First let’s remember some of the characters from this show;

  • Mr. Arthur Carlson – station manager (worked for his mother)
  • Jennifer Marlowe – Mr. Carlson’s assistant
  • Andy Travis – the comedic straight man
  • Johnny Fever – DJ
  • Venus Flytrap – DJ
  • Herb Tarlek – Salesman and clothes horse
  • Bailey Quarters – the comedic straight lady
  • Les Nessman – News and Weather

The scene has Les Nessman reading the news breaking in with a bulletin that contains a typo. ” Monster Lizard is approaching the east coast”  Johnny Fever trys to add a B to the script and Les simply moves on… I guess you had to be there. Les was always hoping to win the Silver Sow award for outstanding agricultural reporting.  One other classic scene relates to turkeys, but I’ll save that for thanksgiving.

I need marine ‘Goop’. It is about the best sealant I’ve found to work on boats. I’ve talked about Sikaflex and 5200 but both of those are hazardous and permanent if you get them on stuff. Goop is clear and manageable. It sets quickly and seals very well. It is not available easily at any of the marine stores. At home you can get it at Canadian Tire but I’ve yet to find one of those. Not even Walmart. I like to have Goop in a small tube and in a caulking gun size tube as well.

I have done some shopping at various Ace hardware stores on our travels through the U.S. I like their old style hardware store feel. I sense that they have less of the ‘chinese’ hardware that populates harbour harbor freight and the like. There are characters among the staff more interesting than going to ‘the Walmart’. I’m trying their online sales. They have an easy online shopping and in-store pickup interface. I’ll report on how well it works when my Goop arrives.

The wind has drop down to the 10 range and veered more to the east again. The high today should make the early 70s and Floridians and their pets should be able to venture outside again.

more later


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