Sunday November 24

Just another Sunday in the Caribbean. Hot, sunny and bugs. Only two more sleeps in the yard and we get splashed and get the hell out of here.

We have to wash the boat and tidy things up a tad for the survey.

We walked 45 minutes up and down hills…quickest walk yet. The cars are reluctant to share the road and getting grazed by cars is a reality.

I have scrubbed half of the decks and houses. Still have the after half to do…Rick is carrying a rubber hammer I have to assume he is fine tuning the rig??!!??

Ok, ok decks scrubbed and boat ready to launch. Just have a little nap…it is 95 below decks and about the same above.

We have a lizard on board, his name is Lawrence. He may be what we thought was a cockaroach. He moves very fast and doesn’t sell insurance.

More later

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