Rick is planning the parade!

I have lost four games in a row in our cribbage tournament…remember when I was three games up. Well I can’t. There is barely room for his head. He keeps mumbling about greatest old man comeback of the century and “I am the greatest” Queenesque.

It is cloudy and raining. The story of my trip so far. They are getting more rain than they can recall. I finally got some weather maps and can see the system causing the crap…looks to be moving through and was likely the remains of a North American cold front….I can’t escape those things…Two more sleeps and I can live in one again.

Its good for the boat to get a rinse though.

Today our travel plans are to go to Trellis Bay and take a ball for a couple of days. Have some fun this afternoon and evening and tomorrow I will pack and prepare alarm clocks for my 4 am wake up and departure by 7 for my LIAT milk run tour of the Caribbean.

We may be able to try the boat under full sail today if we can do it between the rain squalls. By this afternoon it is supposed to clear off some…we will wait and see. Raining and wind gusts again JEEZUZ.

I continue to apologize for being unable to get photos online but I can barely get text. This is dialup speed and reliability. Cane Garden Bay is not the place for internet either stolen or purchased.

On a bit of a sad note, Ted the mechanic at Penn’s passed away. Apparently he did make it back to Canada for a time before his passing.


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