Cane Garden Bay – Lunch

After settling the boat went by dinghy over to the trash bin at the marina and then parked at the dinghy dock. Even though the wind is up and the sky is clouded it has yet to rain since we arrived. It certainly looks like rain and this is the most unsettled weather I have ever experienced in the BVI.

cane garden bayWe walked through the streets and the beach to Myett’s restaurant and had lunch. I had a Jerked chicken wrap and Rick had a Mediterranean sandwich.  We went to the backstreet grocery store looking for a main course item but discovered the freezer section although it existed it had nothing in it. There is still lot of food aboard so nobody will starve.

We came back to the boat and Rick beat me again and the tournament is even. I am not getting the cards anymore. It is time to change up something and get some cards again.



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