QWERTY blaggards

Keyboard failure

The new wireless keyboard from ‘AmazonBasics’ arrived yesterday and this is the first test run. So far so good. It was difficult working with my laptop missing the T, G, V, ., and the return key.

In preparation for a keyboard replacement we sourced out and ordered a keyboard for my MSI gp62 2QD Leopard aka the laptop. The part was found and we planned an operation where John Mango would remove the offending device and make the repair. Being of upper, upper, lower middle age and between my hands and my eyes… it’s just best if John does it.

John got all the way into the keyboard only to discover that it is permanently plastic riveted to the top case. There was a small note that some keyboards are permanently attached and you have to replace the upper case of the laptop… The one good thing about Jeff Bezos’s little store is ease of returning stuff. Simple, created a return ticket, take the barcode created to the UPS store and drop it off.

I do have concern for the tough winter conditions at home up North. There was a post on FB about walking to school through snow. I had to walk 1.5 miles through blowing snow to school. My mother showed me another route, 100 yards!!?

Today is our last day tied to the dirt. We have to be off the dock tomorrow by 11:00. Not sure where we will end up. We have moved from 31 to 15 on the waiting list at the mooring field. We are hoping to move up significantly should the window for a Gulf Stream crossing materialize as advertised Saturday/Sunday.

more later

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