Windy Night

For the past few days the forecast for late yesterday and through to this morning was quite concerning. A strong cold front was going to move through and the wind would snap from 25/30 kts South to 30 to 35 gust 40 North If you are on anchor in a crowded anchorage it is always scary when the wind shifts big and quick. Anchors can rip out and sailor geometry can fail and boats come together in tough conditions.

It is hardly fair, me talking about the weather when my kids and grand-kids are in the -40 c/f range at home. But when you live on a boat in Florida, the weather is what we do. I just looked on the garmin machine and the wind max last night was only 35 from the NorthWest. We got almost an inch of rain during 6 hours. Today the wind will settle to 12 to 15 gust 18, a sunny 65 for the day.

Street entrance to Castaways

We met the Mangos at 15:00 at Castaways. As you can see not all that glitzy from the road in. Castaways is an example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. We arrived in time for Happy Hour. Two dollar Yuengling draft got my interest. We had some appetizers, wings and tunachos. The food and service was great. We sat outside at the bar. They have a nice restaurant inside and it was full when we left.

A few pictures of our walk and yesterday when I walked down to the bridge to nowhere:

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