Tuesday March 28th, 2017 (Just three shopping days ’til my birthday)

Mango’s refrigeration has been broken for a week or so. We have been acting as the provisioning ship. Their food and their PBR beer on board Fracas. Part of the reason we are in Harbortown is making it easier for them to get their system fixed.

Contamination (dirt) plugged their capillary tubes and that shut them down. Joe the refrigeration guy here evacuated the system a couple of times and flushed it out with Nitrogen gas. So far so good they have refrigeration going again.

We did regular boat stuff and dinner was going to be a BBQ ashore at the pavilion here and Mexican Dominos. Following dinner we went walk about and walked the North Bridge. A couple of folks were fishing from the bridge. We did get to see some dolphins just as the sun was setting…

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