Thursday March 30th, 2017

I forgot to mention Uber. I had heard of Uber and wondered how it really worked. Like street cars, riding Uber was something I had as yet not experienced. I was pretty sure I had the concept down, people who are not taxi drivers in cars that are not taxis pretend they are taxis and you pay them. I expect there is more to it. Karen had used Uber a lot in their travels.

We had to go to the airport at Fort Pierce to have our passports verified. When you enter the U.S. you call in to clear and then you have up to 24 hours to check in. This time to check in does vary depending on the hours of the office you are required to check in to. Karen used her Uber App and made the purchase. Sure enough in the 8 minutes shown our Uber driver showed up. Let’s call him Bubba the Uber driver, or BuUber for short.

BuUber drove a Toyota Avalon and it was very nice and very clean. No cash is involved and tips are not allowed. We were efficiently moved to the airport for $11 bucks plus or minus and $8 for the return ride. BuUber didn’t wait for us, we had to go back into the Uber App to get BuUber back (is that a haiku). Apparently it might not have been BuUber we got for the return but in this case it was.  I wish we had used Uber in Man of War Cay, likely a golf cart Uber conveyance.

I mentioned that Last Mango had refrigeration issues. Today, we have an issue with the freezer. Our freezer was running but the temperature was 4 degrees warmer than the set point and warming. I am giving it a ten minute time out before I hit it with releasing gas, adding gas, hitting and cajoling (persuade (someone) to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery). Our days on the boat are running down so a major fix on the freezer will not occur prior to our return home.

Yesterday Mango and I went to advance auto parts and west marine. We travelled by circus bikes and I lead the way. I shouldn’t lead the way because I pick up the pace to show ‘Stud Muffin’ that I can hack it, I’m in shape… Our ride was 3.2 miles each way. I was concentrating on breathing when I made a course error and jumped a curb. John said that we shouldn’t do that on the circus bikes. I told him I did it all the time, not that I was deprived of oxygen and was momentarily unconscious.

John riding behind reported at dinner that I was almost hit by a woman turning from U.S. 1 across our paths. Then there was the two fishermen on foot who also failed to notice my sidewalk onslaught. I guess I need to get a bell or a siren for my bike. The compromise is to have John lead the way and I will follow… I don’t want my 15 minutes of fame to be a circus bike incident in a foreign land.

I went for a dinghy ride yesterday morning. I took my depth mapping unit and my ipad to chart the anchorage we use just south of north bridge. On my way there was a bait bucket floating alone. I stopped to check it out. It was full of shrimp? I held it up but none of the fishermen near came over. I finished my task and back at the boat decided to just dump out the shrimp. When I dumped out the shrimp the water boiled and roiled as the fish unknown under Fracas feasted on the bounty.

more later

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