November 7, 2015 – Laundry Day

RedBoone Cafe 11:45…

We are still alive and well. We have continued to be anchored with limited internet (on the phone) at “Red Shanks” ‘Moss Cay’. We have guests coming next week. Our daughter and her friend are coming for a week. We have been scrambling to get the boat ready. In the background we have a tropical ‘wave’ in the Eastern Caribbean that is likely to follow a similar path to Joaquin.

This tropical wave is what Africa pukes out over the Sahara into the Atlantic that drifts west and plays ‘Can I grow up and become a Tropical Low, A Tropical Depression, A Tropical Storm and or the big H. The weather models have this wave developing in a low but moving enough east of us to not make it crazy. If it does come west to us it could be winds to 30/35 and squalls to 40/50.

I am happy that I purchased the Sangean radio and I can listen to Chris Parker tell us about the weather. He thinks we will be missed by the Tropical Wave/Low but he’s not sure. He is a wonderful resource as there is no typical VHF weather like at home. There is another wave behind this one as well…maybe we came too early. I think not though. I love it in this slower less populated pace.

We wanted to move into the harbour to be closer to laundry and water but we have a good spot in Red Shanks and it is protected in case the poop comes. We will have to put the laundry in dry bags for the dinghy ride through the chop back 2 miles or so to FRACAS.

Our plans will change a tic, we will wait and see what the weather brings for Monday and move into town then…or if it blows the hair from da dog we will come in and try to get Jen on Tuesday.

Technical; All systems appear to be working ok…except the wind instrument. It is anemometer up on the roof that is the culpret. ML is not eager to run me up the mast so I will wait till DD shows or I make a new friend. We miss our Mangos. (They have formed a bike gang in Oregon).

Oh ya…yesterday I thought I saw the Christmas lady over at the Exuma Market. I ran after her to see. It wasn’t her…I was bit by a dog, hit by a tire iron, smacked up’side the head and bit by nosee’ums. It wasn’t her.

Hopefully the laundry is done soon…Kalik is $4 here at Redboone. Already 2 beer into this laundry deal. Looking forward to getting back into proper blogging/reporting soon. Jen is bringing my new antenna.

You all have a good day.



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