Facebook to Blame

imageTuesday November 3rd 2015 – Red Boone

I have found it difficult to sit and blog. That is upsetting because it is very therapeutic for me. It’s like talking to yourself, in the morning by yourself only the coffee brewing. The difficult part is to get rolling and tell a story. A good blog post tells one story, concisely and in an entertaining way if possible. It came to me as a revelation this morning, that bastard Zuckerberg is to blame.

Facebook! One line posts, small time story telling. I am going to attempt to cure myself and get this thing going…not so much for you as for me.

It is unfortunate that this area around Georgetown is subject to some boat thefts. We have to chain everything up now… To bad for this place if it continues the boaters will move on. Our dinghies are our lives and they can’t be replaced easily. I have to sit up at night with my stick, wasp spray and bear spray to protect the ship. I do have a sword in the tickle trunk but it is plastic and unlikely to do much damage.

I have to end this entry and move on as there is a baby crying unconsolably and ML has run away. We miss Harrison a lot and that didn’t help.

More later…I think I’m over the hump

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