North Channel and Area circa 1929 – Video

While renovating and moving the tons of stuff we have accumulated over the years I came across an old video. It was on a VHS tape… I do still have a machine to make digital from VHS so I did and I have edited the output a bit and added some music from the period.

We have 8 minutes from the home movie collection of Ole Evinrude. In the 80’s Rob Little from Wally’s and I were talking to Junior from the Chanticleer and he arranged for us to borrow a reel that showed Little Current in the late ’20s. We think that the period is 1929 but not sure. Locations we have identified include; Little Current, Killarney and Gore Bay.  There are other locations but we are not sure where they are.

The old ferry ‘Manitoulin’ makes its presence and the lighthouse that used to sit on the point at Boyle Marine is also clearly shown. I apologize for the quality but this was a 16 mm film recorded from a screen by a JVC video recorder from the ’80s need I say more. A young Ralph Evinrude is shown running an early outboard in the pool.

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