ML’s birthday and SuperBowl Sunday!

Sunday February 5th, 2017

Today is a double whammy. ML’s birthday (I don’t have permission to mention which birthday) and SuperBowl Sunday. We have an action packed day planned which includes a nap in the afternoon in order to take part in the SuperBowl event which is likely to go past boater midnight. According to Mangos the streets will be flowing with free beer ((from 3 til 5) too bad it isn’t rum) Then, we will try to find a place to watch the game. Typically at home it would be SuperBowl sauna. We head off  to Tex’s place to play golf on the ice, sauna, then try to climb up the hill and watch the game.

Yesterday was a big day here. We went in and visited the farmer’s market. It is a well populated market with lots of food to eat, stuff to drink, fruit, vegetables, healthy shit and air plants. Every third booth was air plants. What is it with air plants? You can take some fish out of water for short period of time as well… I didn’t see one booth with air fish.

We returned to the boats with our loot. A nap was scheduled but failed to materialize. Mangos texted that they were going walk about and we relented. Mango was insistent that she wanted to go up to Mar a lago, but I/we were pretty sure there would be barriers keeping anything like that from happening.

Palm beach is very nice. It is obviously a couple of orders of magnitude higher end than West Palm. We walked across the Royal Park bridge and continued east on Royal Palm Way through to the beach. There we met the ocean again and lots of folks out playing on the beach and in the ocean. The ocean temp is just over 70°f, 21.1c for those of you who don’t speak Fahrenheit anymore. There was a full sheet of 4′ X 8′ plywood of rules about what could be played, thrown or worn. Each and every rule was being openly broken and fun in fact was taking place.

As we walked on we noticed one young lady’s bathing suit was slowly disappearing, her gait was contributing to this phenomenon. There was no way that I/we could help as we couldn’t catch up to her. Even if we had we did not have anything like the ‘thong’ jaws of life to work with.  Oh well.

We continued our walk south along South Boulevard until we could see the road block and we got to Worth Avenue. There certainly is irony in the name of Worth Avenue. This is high end shopping. Shops along this strip include; Tiffany, Gucci, Tourneau, Cartier, Chanel, Farragamo, Hermes and Mark’s Work Warehouse and many more. In the window at Gucci was the outfit that outfit that Kellyanne wore to the inauguration. You know, the one that looked like it was from the ‘Nutcracker’.

At one shop I made a slight movement as if to go in the store. Three clerks in a store with only 14 items in it all gave me the evil eye. I felt just like that hooker from ‘Pretty Woman’ was treated in the fancy store when they were transforming her from hooker… you know the story. ML reminded me that it was a movie and the hooker was in fact Julia Roberts.

Even though I had on Nautica shorts, they were covering mark’s boxers. My T-shirt was vintage…, well just vintage. Along the avenue there was a Lamborghini, white convertible, the owner dusted me off so I could pass. The passenger seat was covered in Botox and silicone.  Nice car. I was happy to get off the avenue and move on. I just wanted to find a hardware store and get some Lithium batteries.

We were finishing up our 5 mile trek by re-crossing the bridge when we noticed a local with a hand line fishing from the bridge. I looked down, he was obviously straining under the load of something caught on his line. I had visions of him disappearing over the edge hooked to a passing boat. When I looked down he had a large fish on his hook and it was being circled by another even bigger fish. We are talking a fish that was likely 20 pounds or more.

This fisherman spoke with a heavy accent but I did manage to catch him reply it was a jack fish. I did  some googlizing and discovered it was a Crevalle Jack (Caranx Hippos). They are reputed to be a poor eating fish, red meat and strong taste, but he seemed happy (the fisherman not the fish).

We continued our walk past TP45 Plaza and the Fox news crew was still setting up for the protest we heard had been cancelled. Not sure where they get their news? We continued on to Bradley’s for a beer and snacks. Busy place, just across from the Rum Festival. The rum festival was $50 per person for all you can drink and $100 for all you can eat and drink. We heard the music from there the night before and the singer sounded like a yodeler who was training (poorly) to be a voice contortionist while standing in fire ants.

Back to the boat, for a short nap. Dinner was postponed since we had caloried out  with our snacks. Mango invited the Brits over from Toucan. They have been cruising around the Caribbean and Central America for some years. David recounted how he tried to fill his water jugs from a fire hydrant…the British are so funny.

While on our way over to Mangos for cocktails we noticed that the protest in front of TP45 Plaza was materializing . Quite a crowd of peaceful folks it seemed from the boats. Fox news was right there it turned out.

The remainder of the evening was filled with passing coast guard and police boats, music from shore and a gnat like incessant buzzing of helicopters that circled for a few hours. I suspect things will get back to normal when TP45 goes back north.

more later

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