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Saturday February 04th, 2017

Sailors of old had their struggles. They had pirates, unless of course they were pirates then they had the Navy’s after them. They had to forage for food and water, we still do that from time to time. They had to use the skins of animals to carry their water, luckily we have polystyrene. One hardship they did not have, the search for free internet!

This morning, I tried to listen to CP weather and the short wave is not picking him up. “No problem” I will just listen to him on the computer. Not so, no internet. My ATT fill was empty and it will not accept my credit card. This credit card thing happens when some computer doesn’t like my phone prefix from St. Louis and my Canadian address. I have to call to fix this again. Meantime, I have been using my internet machine set at maximum power trying to find some wifi that will allow me to connect.

At max power the lights dim and there is a dull humming sound and things float around the boat much like Stephen King’s ‘Tommyknockers’. I have internet. Think back to the days of dialup internet. That’s sort of what I have this morning. You can time it with a calendar. I will not be posting any pictures, uploading will be impossible. I may try to move the antenna (when it cools off).  So luckily those sailors of old simply had to struggle with survival, we have to stay connected.

Just one of the many service folk patrolling. I would think the machine gun would get in their sight lines and likely screw up the compass, but what the hey…

Yesterday things stopped around here as TP45 arrived at West Palm and his motorcade made it to Mar A Lago. Then the traffic jams on the Flagler and Royal Park bridges began. Pretty solid bumper to bumper for an hour or two on both bridges. There certainly has been an increase in the coast guard and police presence. No super bowl for those guys unless TP45 heads back early tomorrow.  We do hope to see him, perhaps when he’s out waterskiing or paddle boarding?

We have to rent a car for the day on Monday to go back up to Fort Pierce to pick up the jeezuz bolt for the windlass. It arrived from Scotland a couple of days after we left and is hopefully enjoying its stay as we did at Sunset Bay.

The weather has been amazing the last week and looks to continue so for the next few days. There is a cold front that will get to us during next week with hopefully a window to cross to the Bahamas shortly after.

The tree has shed it’s leaves. It is still amazing albeit in somewhat naked splendor. There is a man in front to give you scale

Just opposite Fracas to the East is the Flagler museum and an incredible Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) tree. I don’t remember seeing one like this ever. Words can’t do it justice and I know it would take a honkin’ chainsaw to down and buck up that baby.

Today is the farmer’s market just west of us in the park. Tomorrow is super bowl and ML’s birthday. more later


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