Mexican Train Dominos

Saturday January 28th, 2017

I think I must have screwed up the date on yesterday’s post.

Just saying the word dominos and I’m humming Van Morrison’s tribute to Fats Domino… Domino. This was Van Morrison’s number one song even surpassing ‘Brown eyed Girl’. Some of you older folks will remember Fats on Ed Sullivan a couple of times, Blueberry Hill was a big hit for him. If you follow the ‘news’ you may recall Vladimir Putin singing it 5 years or so back…

We have been alternating boats for dinner as we finish our days and preparations here at beautiful Sunset Bay. Yesterday ML and K took the marina shuttle and went out shopping, unknown to me they returned with some dominos, Mexican train dominos.

I’m Ok with playing games and I like to win. I did not win. We played three or four games and Karen read/interpreted rules and she won every game. “Perpendicular” she would proclaim. John would add “the tens are blue” the same shade as a school bus it turned out. All in all it was fun but it would have been better if Karen had shared the winning. Perhaps next time.

What did we do on the boat yesterday. ML continued her crafts, and I scrubbed the teak in the cockpit. Looks pretty good. I have re-caulked one side just three more sides to go. I have to finish rebuilding the spare raw water pump for the engine. The final part has arrived. Still waiting for a left hand thread, flat head countersunk socket bolt for the anchor windlass to arrive from Scotland…don’t ask what it cost.

more later…

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