Beautiful Dreamer

Thursday January 27th, 2017

I don’t often have dreams at night, but when I do they are doozies. Last night I was back at work with all the frustrations. A local woman was insistent that the wall on Campbell and Worthington needed to be wall papered  not developed into a mural. I think this dream stems from the fact that the wall has been wall papered for the last several years. It looks like a six year old used a stamp pad. It was a protracted battle I’m sure my teeth were grinding. ML says I was mumbling away in my sleep, I suddenly started to giggle.

I can only assume that I got even or set some pending trap in action to get even. The problem is you can’t continue the dream on night two. I have no way to know how this turned out. ML thinks it must have been diabolical and I agree. I continued to giggle after I was awake with no idea why.

The seed for my night theatre was the Town’s RFP for artists to submit to paint a proper mural on the wall. I think this is a great idea and about time. The only danger is the traffic along this wall and there is no means of access to get up close and enjoy the art. This new mural is part of the 150 years of Canada celebration.

Today is another day of boat work. Yesterday I scraped, sanded and varnished another 10 feet of cap rail. 20 feet on the port side has two coats of colour and are now ready for three coats of gloss. I started resealing the teak planking in the cockpit. That is a messy job involving sikaflex (didn’t get any on me).

Today I will polish fuel and shunt it around to make room in the main tank for a fill up. ML is off for her last run on the marina buss to shop for supplies and stuff.

more later

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