Man Jack Cay II

Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Man Jack Cay; The wind did clock more around to the North overnight making it much more comfortable on the hook. During the day yesterday it continued to clock until the wind this morning is almost East. We did the typical things a cruiser does when they come to a new anchorage. We went to the beach and we found the trail across to the ocean.

Man Jack is private or at least in inhabited by several residences. The owner nearest the beach is very accommodating and the trail to the beach is well marked. They only ask that you practice zero trace hiking and even pick up stuff if you have room and the ability to do so. This beach was worth the mile walk through the bush and mangroves to get there. I only found one sea bean and no sea glass to speak of. The amount of flotsam was considerably less than other beaches but still significant. The plastic of the world ends up on the beaches of the Caribbean.

We walked almost the whole beach, likely more than a mile each way. I took lots of pictures and searched for trinkets and baubles amongst the stuff on the sand. I did notice that at least one dinghy was out on the ocean side reef likely after lobsters.

Along the way, we noticed that the owners had several boats up in the mangroves near their house. So, our next adventure was planned. We will dinghy up in the mangroves and explore. Grant (As the Crows Fly) mentioned that there are many turtles in the mangroves and it would be a good opportunity to use my Garmin Virb to try to video them underwater.

We did in fact find many turtles. They were skittish but not to the point they were impossible to get pictures of. The highlight of the outing was a nurse shark that we managed to get a fleeting video of it should be with this when I post. You must watch closely in the upper left of the shot. I don’t want you thinking that I was swimming with these critters. Nope, I just dunked the camera in and hoped to get them in frame.

I can only post short clips here.

We ended our day with dinner aboard Mango and the domino tournament continued, this time with the added pressure of keeping score. John is the biggest loser so far.

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