Make it STOP

Tuesday June’s 13th, 2018

I like to take pictures. The obvious next step (in my world) is to close the loop and progress to making frames and mounting my favourite pictures. The plan, to search out local wood to build ‘Manitoulin’ frames and to cut mat board to complete the mounting process. You are two sentences into this wondering where the hell is he going today…

I have been searching on line for a mat board cutting kit. I made one search and ordered a Logan mat cutter and it arrived the very next day, not Canada Post. It looks like it will do the job and came with the cutting jig and a bevel cutter.

The team of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg have been haunting me with ubiquitous ads for mat cutters every where I go. On my phone, my iPad, my laptop and even on those highway signs the late Kathleen Wynne put up all over Ontario. I fully expect that tomorrow or later today when the Expositor comes out there will be a full page ad for mat cutters. I even think I heard my grandson clearly say “Pop Pop, have you purchased the bevel cutter from Logan”? Jeeezuz!

Here is the latest example, Ryder from Paw Patrol you can all understand. H is about to start his saturation marketing to complete his Paw Patrol team. I now have 14 of these Logan bevel mat cutters and the ads are increasing in size and frequency. I was awake late last night and  I experienced a Poltergeist and that weird little girl chanting “Greg… get a mat cutter” Please just make it stop.

I would happily forward my 14 receipts for the purchases and my Pavlovian response to their Propaganda, check a checkbox and make it stop.

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