LXXXVIII Turner Marine day V

Wednesday November 12th, 2014

french market innI am up getting the coffee ready…yes kicking horse coffee ‘Kick Ass’. Today we take the Beast to New Orleans. We are booked into a hotel in the French Quarter for a couple of nights. The girls (my rubber chickens) and Woody to some extent are afraid to go to New Orleans. The girls have heard about the Voodoo and the potential of sacrifice  and the loss of their feet.

We will likely try out the jump on jump off bus tour. We had success with this in Chicago. I may visit the Voodoo Spiritual Temple and try to get a doll or two to stick pins into. Be advised those of you out there, if you start to feel sharp pains in the next day or so…you know who you are. One Tow captain…you are on the list.

Where was I?

We do have to eat and drink while in New Orleans or as they pronounce it here, Nahlins. I have been brushing up on my N’ahlins vocabulary. I am ready to use bobo, Lord knows I have enough of them (a new cut added yesterday) specifically my blackened thumb. For those of you who might be concerned the pain has stopped, this coincided with the end of Mary Lynn’s drilling of same. It is quite black still and the nail is beginning to consider leaving the temple that is the Captain of FRACAS. I know the day will come when I snag that baby on something on the boat and rip it almost off. Then I have to wait for whatever gross alien thing grows back to replace the nail I have had since sometime in 1953. They also use the term Boo-coo as in I will sample boo-coo rum. We will have a good time f’sho/f’true.

Nahlins is around two hours from our location. Homer Simpson takes over from Ferd when we are on land. I purchased the Homer Simpson add on to our Tom Tom nav system. He is hilarious. He almost always gets us where we want to go. There was however that one time when he had us on the trail to the middle of nowhere in Chicago…

Last Mango and As the Crow flies went over to break trail on Monday and we may be able to catch up with them, but they have a two day start.


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