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Wednesday October 15, 2014

It was raining when I woke up. You know the kind of rain that is steady, cold and persistent. It is hazy and the water is warm so fog is a possibility. Our old friend fog. When Mary Lynn wakes up we will go out and see if we can see.

We attempted to leave and the weather is crappy and the visibility is less than a mile here and the fog is heavy to the south. We return to the anchorage to wait and see if the day improves. There are worse places to be.

It appears and it is my opinion that to qualify to be an online AT& another T tech support you have to be able to print your name in block letters and fail several tests. I should have known how this would turn out when I spent so much time just buying the thing. Remember the list:

AT&T, Rogers, American Airlines, Liat …

I hope that we will be able to publish stuff from along the way. I purchased an AT&T. My 90 plus minutes in their salon to make the purchase and 6 days of frigging and farting around to get the thing working have weighed on my pleasant demeanor. Today I persisted, escalated and demanded…the wonk on the phone finally found the setting at AT&T’s end and now the device works. Only 6 hours out of my life. I guess I am addicted to being connected. It is helpful also to see what the weather is and what is causing the weather we have.

Last night I made my soup. It is the Italian sausage and pepper soup from the slow roasted Italian webpage. To make this soup turn out best you must have good quality hot Italian sausage. As usual this turned out very well. It makes an extremely large soup and takes about 30 minutes of prep and 30 minutes of cooking. No salt is added or required (enough comes from the ingredients).

Mary Lynn is baking; oatmeal muffins (buttermilk) and now she is making cheese dinner rolls. It is Spaghetti night on Fracas.

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