LVIX 2, – Pisgah Bay

Tuesday October 14, 2014

It is time to move on from Green Turtle Bay Marina. We have enjoyed the community of Grand Rivers, Miss Patti’s and the folks at the Marina. Lots of Loopahs came and went while we were here.

It had rained extremely hard and I had removed the side curtains from the enclosure and laid them out to dry on the aft cabin top. We had to stop for a pump out and just as we were leaving the dock one of the side curtains blew into the water. By the time the staff had the tools to pick the curtain up the damn thing had sunk. Now we are missing the port curtain. Not all bad, we were going to replace the system in the next few weeks anyway.

We wanted to experience some of Kentucky Lakes’ great anchorages. We went about 8 nm and dropped the hook at Pisgah Bay. We are near a boat launching facility within the land between the lakes park. Quite a few fisherman tough out the wet and cold conditions to fish in this area. Apparently the fishing in Kentucky and Barclay Lake is pretty good.

We haven’t done any fishing on this trip other than Mary Lynn and the kamikaze Asian carp at Alton. This is a very nice anchorage…kind of like home. You can almost see through the water. When the anchor set it felt like mud or clay…can’t wait to see what comes up with it tomorrow.

Still struggling to connect with the AT&T unite pro (mobile hotspot).

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