LVIX – Green Turtle Bay Marina to Kentucky Lake

Tuesday October 14, 2014

The weather has cleared somewhat, the winds are down it is still overcast but no rain. Today we will move into Kentucky Lake and anchor in a bay. That is normal in the North Channel but foreign to us in the Rivers. I look forward to potentially being able to see  at least one foot through the water and potentially Mary Lynn would be able to swim. If the water is at least 75 I might consider joining her in the water.

We have about 200 miles to cover this week to be in position to meet up with Pete and Judy (Blue Jacket) who will join us and cruise a section of the Rivers before continuing on to their place in Arizona. We do look forward to Kentucky Lake.

ace venturaWe have engaged a detective in the search for the Christmas Lady. Who else? He comes with good credentials.

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