Laughing gulls

Monday March 20th, 2017

Today we move from the Conch Inn Marina and go back into the wilds of the Northern Bahamas. We spent a week ashore on shore leave and will now begin to posture ourselves for a crossing back to Florida in the next two weeks. We have booked our flight home and will get back to Toronto on April 14th.

It looks like we will get to Great Sale Cay by Thursday and ride out a fairly strong multi-day cold front. The Monday/Wednesday next week look very good for a sailing crossing. We may attempt to get to West End Grand Bahama and cross from there. ML would like to visit that port before we leave the Bahamas this season.

We had a FaceTime conversation with Harrison last night. We aren’t sure what he said but he is quite verbose in his language. I took the IPAD on the dock and showed him the flock of several hundred ‘laughing gulls’ that roost on the dock from time to time. They are fairly tame and let you get to within a few feet of them. He was transfixed with all the birds. We had a good visit with him and look forward to getting home next month.

The laughing gulls made an appearance back here last week. The numbers increase each day as their migration continues. The laughing gull is a coastal sea bird. They are very vocal and noisy. Luckily they only sit here in the day time and go somewhere else in the early evening.

I have to get the boat ready to move today. We are going to try to be at the Whale Cut just after low tide to attempt a passage. There will be 5 or 6 foot swells from the N so we are not sure if we will able to get through today or not. We will look, if the swells are breaking we will turn back and stay at Guana Cay until conditions improve.

more later

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