Last full day of our vacation from anchoring…

Sunday March 19th, 2017

Not the actual rocket shown

There was a delta IV rocket launch from Cape Canaveral at 20:18 last night. As the crow flies (not Grant and Cindy) it is about 220 nautical miles from the launch site to us. We could clearly see the rocket at the horizon and for a minute or so after. Bright red glow to start with then not so much. Too bad it was after dark as our neighbours here say it is more visible in the light with stage separations being observed. We did see a launch when we were on a Disney trip in 1991, I think rockets burned wood back then.

This is our last day ashore. We will leave the anchorage in the morning and try to get through the Whale Cut and on our way North and West. Not sure of timing as there are a few spots we would like to visit or revisit. There is a cold front coming through so options include going through and be in Florida on Wednesday or riding out the front in Great Sale Cay and crossing after that. I am leaning this way at the moment.

We were invited over for ‘nibbles’ to Molly’s boat ‘Seaquell’. Sequell’s crew is Joel and Donna. Molly is  a Chihuahua. Seaquell is a Caliber  40 LRC and I love those boats. Jazzebelle was a Caliber 40 LRC owned by Dawson and Julie and I sailed from Norfolk to the Bahamas with them in 2012. A stout boat that sails well.

It was here that John Mango told us the benefits of owning a composting head. The purchase of their composting head developed from a visit to the Miami boat show where Karen complete with a crown tried… well tried on both of the competing composting heads. Apparently she while seated continued her reign and did the sales pitch while attending the Chicago boat show.

This model has a crank… it would appear to raise or lower the unit for comfort?

They decided to purchase one of the composting heads, I forget the actual name, ‘nuts and berries dual exhaust 435B or something like that. The salesman gave them a money back guarantee if they weren’t satisfied. It wasn’t sailing season at the time so John being ever resourceful set up the composting head in the laundry room of their home. Attaching the exhaust, mufflers and fans to the dryer vent he persevered and converted their laundry room into a replica of Last Mango’s new head.

It seems that everyone in the family refused to use the new head with the exception of John. On one occasion with John on the throne Karen thought something was horribly amiss in the laundry/head, it turned out to be an uneven load… in the washing machine. They remain great proponents of their microbiological marvel.

We on the other hand have the traditional head and plumbing with hoses, tanks, pumping odd smells and such. To each their own.

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