It was a little windy

A cold front went through last night. During the season, we will have a steady stream of cold fronts. These fronts are little reminders of where we come from. Here’s what happens: Nice day with an increasing strong South wind, It begins to cloud over. Rain, drizzle to a downpour, lightning, wind shift to strong NNW, then cold for a few days.

It was a bit unsettling; the boat is securely on stands and tied down. It does not move, but it feels like it is shifting and swaying on dirt waves. You find yourself wanting to get up and check the anchor; perhaps I should put out more anchor chain. I settled on putting the anchor light on. Today the weather is a bit better, but we have the cold. It will warm up to the high 60’s f.

An update: Today the work tasks include wet sanding and polishing the new paint on the port side. It looks pretty good, but it is a little whiter than the boat was prior to Ian.