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Wednesday December’s 13th, twenty seventeen

Yesterday we went Christmas shopping. There are a lot of stores and a mall over at U.S. 1 in Port St. Lucie. Normally I would rather pull one of my own teeth with an ice pick than go shopping. This was no exception. An elderly (more elderly than me) woman came up to me and asked “are you laid back and local”? “No, I’m from Canada” I wittily replied. Just this morning I understand what she was asking, I was wearing my Rusty’s T Shirt. On the back of this shirt it says “laid back and local”, ohhhh.  It was fun to think this old gal wanted to pick up some young guy.

My Christmas shopping was limited to a jug of water tank flush. Normally, I leave water in the bow tank to flush the engine and to have some water in the fall when we come back to the boat. The two main tanks are almost always left dry. This time we were in a hurry and things got missed, the masking tape and the water tank.

We switched to the starboard tank yesterday and it was immediately determined to be foul. We drained the tank and have completed round one of the tank refreshing. Nothing $35 bucks worth of We$t marines tank flush won’t cure. We’ve flushed all the lines, the water heater and the tank. We held the tank full of chemicals for 30 minutes and flushed all that again.

I would like to fill the tanks with city water but we are under a boil water advisory again as they continue to repair the water system here in the marina. Our tanks have inspection covers so I may remove them and physically scrub out the tank, not before Christmas and not before we go home tomorrow. Our ability to store a large amount of fresh water is vital to having a good time in the Bahamas, otherwise I’ll spend most of my time foraging for water.

Today will be a day of preparing to go home. Hopefully we don’t have to take much this trip. I do have shoes. One trip home to winter I had only flip flops, I managed to purchase a pair of airport $ocks and waded with socked flip flops through Toronto’s slush. This time we are routed right to Sudbury so that footwear would be less out of place.

I knew Roy (Rogers) Moore was doomed to lose the senate election when he rode into the polling station on his horse, wait for it… SASSY. Stephen Colbert reported last night that Sassy was a teen magazine from the 80’s and 90’s… just sayin’

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