“Ace is the Place” Hardware

3/8 x 3/8 male flare/flare

You may recall that yesterday was the day I would tackle the quick job of removing the old autopilot pump. The pump was leaking and it was time to go. I would need some new brass tubing fittings to accomplish this task. It has been some time since I have seen a store with an adequate selection of tubing fittings…

Ace Hardware is like Home Hardware at home in that they all wear red stuff (although there were two workers wearing blue stuff (probably higher rank)). They were all smiley, effervescent and helpful. But don’t hold that against them. I have to drop my attitude. Back in Canada when the Home Depot graduate instant experts offer assistance, I just turn and say “I know more than you”.

3/8 npt plug

Rarely will I ask for help in a store, normally I hate it and will leave stores when the staff hover and bother. Even though I may need help and obviously look like I do. At Ace this day the guy I asked about brass tubing fittings said “two rows over at the end on the left, we have nice selection”. I followed the assigned path and OH MY GOD, they had everything. Not just one of each but multiples of each and there wasn’t an empty bin in the display. I am used to having to put seven fittings together to accomplish a goal. Here I just looked at the picture grabbed the part and went to cash.

I had a couple of fittings with me so that I could get the right size. I had them out to confirm that the part was right, then I jammed them back in my pocket. About the same instant I thought OMG they will be watching me on camera. So, I looked up and around with a stupid guilty look on my face. Then I took them back out and used sign language to the camera and put them back in my pocket and moved on to cash.

I hope Ace can survive. They seem to use the old school theory that a hardware store should stock stuff that people need not what the store wants you to buy. So feeling warm and fuzzy about my brass tubing fittings, I bought a new hose nozzle, a 6 inch adjustable wrench, 1/4 inch ratchet and a 7/16 x 1/4 inch drive socket. I had the sensation of being in Ward’s store in the 70’s and Rex was scampering around the store finding everything I needed. Rex is no longer with us, and I fear stores like Wards are gone as well. For those of you who don’t know, Wards is an old style country store/post office in Tehkummah.

Needless to say, I got the steering put back together and so far it is holding pressure. Steering is fairly important when maneuvering a boat in tight quarters. more later


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