Hampton Virginia

Dawson and Julie drove up just as I walked out the airport door. Perfect timing. It took about a half hour to get back to the marina, the Blue Water Yacht Centre. The first order of business was the live Chris Parker weather briefing. DEAD ON ARRIVAL. So, Bill, reported the weather was pretty much the same as reported earlier, first chance out of here Wednesday.
Then we had happy hour. It was scheduled for 5:30 and now it was 4:30, they waited ’till 5:30 before serving painkillers. They should know better than to tease an Irish islander with booze. I had the adult dose of painkillers now the pig roast. Two smoking trailers with devices made from old heating oil tanks rolled in. The menu: pulled pork on a bun, salads, applesauce and did I mention painkillers?

After a hard day of travel and festivities I put myself to bed by 8pm. No, I wasn’t completely tipsy but the trip to the boat had challenges in store. Jazzebelle is the only boat in the marina docked bow in on a dock system with pilings and a short finger dock. But that’s another story. I got to the slip and the boat wasn’t where it was when I left it, it was three feet higher.
Julie has installed a system of festive lights across the pilings and I will remember the tide will mess with the boat.
The kids (Julie and Dawson ) made it back by 9.

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