Part A of flight A+B

So far the missing pen is the only mishap.
The ride is very rough on this little Canadian made jet. The wind is going to be blustery when I arrive in Norfolk gusting to 50. Luckily today’s agenda only includes a pig roast and no sailing.
I have to admit that air travel makes me crazy. I have to be early and at the front of the line or I start pinging. Booze helps but was not available early this morning.
I helped an older gentleman travelling alone who had trouble with his customs declaration. He put a lot of faith in me as I could have easily filled out the declaration leading to him being led away in handcuffs. In actual fact I did his form properly and missed the date on mine.
I have to tell you that I love my wife dearly and appreciate her support of this voyage and BVI visit. She is still working while I am retired. She is in the north and I am not. Thanks bob.
Arrived after very bumpy flight. Now have three hours on ground here at Reagan. Must find food.

Just got down in time. Nasty squall line about to pass over airport. Great $8 breakfast sandwich. Bad coffee. About to rain like a bastard.

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