Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

Once upon a time, I was in Fort Pierce Florida. We went out to dinner with our buddy boaters the Mangos. We chose a restaurant off the water and buried in buildings and alleys, I digress. We decided to try the 2nd Street Bistro. I can’t remember what Karen, Mary Lynn or I had. I clearly remember exactly what John had, a Double grilled cheese burger they call the Monster Burger.

Our 1/2 lb. hand pattied burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles and our fancy sauce nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

From the menu at 2nd Street Bistro
Compare the Monster Burger with the Grilled Cheese Hot Dog

I take issue with their use of the word ‘nestled’. Try putting a 1/2 pound hamburger patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches and you’ll see my point. To this day I remember clearly he trying to wolf down that massive monstrous meaty food item. They included a knife with the ‘sandwich’

You may find yourself wondering how I got there, me too. Oh ya, today on Facebook a recipe passed by for Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs. Perhaps I should mention that I’m on day three of a diet to reduce my bulk a tad. I’m even heavy in Kilograms…

I’m getting warnings from Gramerly, I’m misusing question marks? I think it’s quite alright to use a question mark if the statement leaves anyone with a question. So if I’m wondering, I assume you are as well… so a question mark is in order. ¿Perhaps I could use one of these. I’ve always wondered what the hell they are?

It is possible that both of these delicacies are not good for you. You may be good for them but it is not likely a reciprocal relationship? (There goes that question mark again. It is hard to believe that I am salivating sitting here looking at these pictures. I know some of you are grossed out by these food items. But, the other half are heading for the kitchen to make their own version…