Full colon?


Are you sick of all the virtual cults? Q comes to mind right. Well, I’m going to start one more. :C, will be our logo. It stands for FULL COLON. Also known as full of shit. If you want to join and be a founding member of Full Colon just start to comment on social media with :C.

The world authority on words, Wiktionary defines as follows; (vulgar, derogatory) Characterized by speaking nonsense or falsehoods. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re full of shit!. The full colon is not for those afflicted with the condition but for everyone who has had enough of them…

Now Grammarly is chastising me about improper use of colons and inappropriate use of colloquialisms. Jeezuz. It isn’t lost on me that the colon is used for most of those little faces you create with the keyboard. The frown created is large and appropriate.

In the meantime I will continue to work on things like our secret handshake and other cool stuff