Tahiti Beach –

Saturday March 11th, 2017

Gelatinoushaving a jelly like consistency, synonym jelly-like, glutinous, ropy, gummy, sticky, gluey, slimy, thick, viscous… inside joke, sorry

My anchor light died. I bit the bullet back in 2011 and purchased a cutting edge (for the day) LED tri-light. It has served us well and was commented on as the brightest anchor light in the harbour. Not so anymore. The mast head running and strobe function also NFG. In order to confirm the diagnosis it was required to go up the mast and confirm.

I did plan to show the video of my trip up the mast but the file size is too big. Therefore you may have to wait until the YouTube video can be uploaded.

Yesterday we went over to Tahiti beach at low tide. When the tide is out the sand spit and the ‘beach’ is enhanced considerably. When we got there you could see lots of folks and their dogs out walking in the new shallows and landing their boats on the spit/beach. They get a couple of hours to share the spit until the tide rolls back in and the beach gets smaller.

We picked sea glass and looked for sea beans. We were going to go across the bay to Cracker P’s but the boats were exposed to the West wind and it looked like squalls…so we went back to the boat. Dinner was a pot of my favourite Italian sausage and Peppers soup. Spicy when you use hot peppers but sooooo good.

Today we are hoping to go to Guana Cay for a day or two. Visit Nippers and Grabbers.

Here are some pics of the day:




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