Woody and the ‘Homely’ Pidgeon

Tuesday March 8th, 2017

Woody worried about being spayed and or neutered

For the last week or so, the big news around Hope Town and Marsh Harbour was the lost homing Pidgeon named Rebecca. She apparently got lost during a storm and ended up in Hope Town. They have been caring for her over there. They located the owner who asked that she be brought near to the coast of Florida and released… likely then she would fly well, home?

Woody misheard the comments about the wayward homing Pidgeon thinking we said homely Pidgeon. Since he has lowered his standards considerably he was gone in search of Rebecca the homely Pidgeon. Now days later she is not only a lost homing Pidgeon but waylaid and in need of counselling.

We heard that Rebecca had begun her trip back to Florida and wondered where Woody might be now. We are leaving Marsh Harbour and the only sure way to get him back on board is to soak a couple of black pepper Triscuits in dark rum and leave them out on the deck. This morning lying next to his bowl was the bird of legend. Even with a couple of cable ties he is unable to manage his perch. I will not give him his Motrin until he is able to man his post. He is presently hanging upside down by one foot, his other foot holding his head together.

Woody has not looked this bad since his close call with dry rot and termites. The legend continues. more later


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