Fran and Mark – Liver’boards – Day 3 – 08:11

I just received an update from Captain Rick concerning his new crew members. Rick’s sister Fran and brother in law Mark have joined Grand Cru for a few weeks. After a week or ten days Captain Rick is going to Mexico to join his grandchildren, family and of course Louise for a family reunion in Mexico. Mark and Fran will have Grand Cru to themselves while Rick is in Mexico. I hope that they are prepared for the rather intense orientation program that Rick has planned for them.

This morning they called me on Skype and I could see them all dressed up in the St. Patrick’s equipment we left in Grand Cru’s tickle trunk. Oops, we did disobey Louise. Prior to leaving Louise insisted that we bring the green swag back to the North…common sense (Rick and I) intervened and the stuff was stowed deeply away out of Louise’s view. We put a can of S and V Pringles in front of the swag and she never got deeper than those in that locker…

trellis bay

They reported that St. Patrick’s day eve was a full moon, so of course they attended the full moon party at Trellis Bay. Remember the wire sculptures full of fire wood that they light on full moons and everyone dances and parties, virgins are sacrificed (oh ya, there weren’t any). A good time was had by all. The crew reported falling out of and into various boats, I asked them to report when they do something unique though.


Today they are off to Road Town to provision. No pork tenderloin on this foraging adventure… Mark and Fran are Vegetablearians. I respect their choice. I however have chosen to support meat farmers who work too hard for too little, plus I like meat. People say red meat will kill you…rum will kill you and breathing will kill you. I would happily pass from this life with the wheel of a sailboat in my hands, a stogie, a tumbler of Goslings and a dripping hamburger to speed me on my way (likely while texting and hitting a

bridge abutment). I’m not

sure what Rick eats while Mark and Fran are on board. I’m sure it is good for him…

By way of travelog, they will go to the TICO store to get booze, the Riteway and the big box Costco like place. In the same location there is the Clarence Thomas hardware store as well. You are right across from the charter boat area and a large number of the marine service companies and stores. If you charter and order your food it will normally come from Bobby’s supermarket located closer to the centre of town. They will all have the infamous canvas bags and Rick will try to get them on the $3 bus. The $3 bus is a great option when traveling light but not when loaded down with ‘vegetables’.

road town jpeg



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