Drag Queen? – the APP!!!

Tuesday March 07th, 2017

I could bore you with the continuing saga of the wind related to last Friday’s cold front, and I will for one paragraph. I haven’t blogged for a couple of days because we have been trapped aboard. Trapped by the wind. Why? It’s tricky and wet to travel in the close chop by dinghy and leaving the dinghy on a dinghy dock in these choppy conditions is also risky. The main reason is to be a responsible captain. If Fracas slips or drags her anchor I should be near to mitigate damage to Fracas and damage to others should she drag into someone’s million dollar baby.

So, I’ve been sleeping with a drag queen. Drag queen is an app that is sponsored by Active Captain that you can set up to monitor your arch around your anchor. You can set parameters such as acceptable GPS error and distance from the reference point you set to be your anchor. It makes an ungodly alarm sound if you slip outside your reference distance or the GPS error exceeds your acceptable level.  It’s a simple app but it is effective. My IPAD is able to get a good GPS signal in our cabin with 16 feet accuracy. My reference point was 150 feet from the GPS antenna on Fracas’ stern. Accuracy set at 20 and alarm set at 175. Slip a little and the ungodly wailing begins. The IPAD gets slapped silly as your brain comes to grips with what is going on but it is a good back up. My chart plotter’s alarm  is also set but less accurately.

Yesterday we shopped at Maxwell’s for a few things we were low or missing. We found some $tarbuck$ coffee that was on sale (best before date close). Hopefully it will have some of the coffee things we’ve been missing… flavour flavor.

J-Mango frantically searched through the big jugs of fruity juices trying to find the secret ingredient he saw them use at Hope Town. The secret ingredient to his latest favourite rum punch. He settled on a jug of pink stuff and we were to be the guinea pigs. Like a mad scientist he fretted and foamed over this rum and that rum and his pink stuff. It was pretty good but I like most things with rum in them. I certainly would never dump out something just because it didn’t taste like the $11 concoction from Hope Town. We decided on a dollop of grenadine, nothing sugar won’t fix right.

We played dominos for three games and luckily K-Mango did not bring the domino ledger to keep score. I didn’t do well.

It came time for Mango to go back to their boats. It was quite dark, they hadn’t turned on any lights on their boat. They didn’t have any flashlight in their dinghy. I didn’t loan them one either. Do you remember those wind up boats for kids you would release in the bathtub and it would aimlessly bounce around the tub… that was Mangos searching for their boat. Eventually the noise of their Blend-a-wacker outboard motor was stilled. Either they found Mango or they found a boat to crash into an on for the night.  It will soon be light and I will report.

We may move later today or more likely when things still a little tomorrow. I will try to get this travel log moving again.



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