Did anything good happen in 2016?

Friday December 30th, 2016

It seems like more bad than good things happened in 2016. I have been googlizing and it seems that there are a few good things that did happen amongst the death and destruction. I have been negative (a lot) about our provincial government…my hands are shaking as I try to control myself from starting a rant… So I will try to find some good things:

  • There are more tigers in the world than there were last year. That doesn’t mean that there are enough Tigers just more than there were. The estimate is about 3900 tigers exist compared to 3200 last year. There are also more Manatees and pandas.
  • A woman’s face (Viola Desmond) will appear on one of the Canadian Peso bills. She was arrested in Halifax for sitting in the white’s only section of a movie theatre. In the U.S. Harriet Tubman, a former slave and African-American abolitionist who helped hundreds of enslaved people escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad, will replace President Andrew Jackson on the front of $20 bills, the U.S. Treasury Department announced in April. A century ago, first lady Martha Washington’s portrait was the last image of an American woman to appear on U.S. currency.
  • Teenage pregnancies have declined to an all time low in the United States
  • The WHO (World Health Organization declared the Americas to be free of measles. I hear you saying “weren’t there cases in the U.S. and Canada?” Yes there were small imported outbreaks affected by the anti-vaxers and the fact that sometimes anti-vaxers live in clusters…
  • The world’s largest marine reserve was established in the Antarctic’s Ross Sea. A no fishing zone of 600,000 square miles formed by countries agreeing. Only limited research fishing will be allowed within the zone.
  • The Chicago Cubs win the world series!!
  • A Winnipeg lab has a very impressive ebola vaccine under development… This is the most impressive thing Winnipeg has done since they built the perimeter highway (ring road by-pass of Winnipeg)! I shouldn’t say things about Winnipeg. They are climate challenged though, the typical Winnipeg snow blower has more miles on it than the family car.

Please feel free to add good things in the comments. I will edit them in.



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