Day ten: Monday August 26, Charlevoix to South Manitou Island.

The bridge at Charlevoix lifts on the half hour. We frittered and farted about a Yamaha generator I saw at the Irish boat shop. 2000 watt for $879 then we decided to scramble and make the 8:30 bridge. Just as we are approaching the bridge the ferry (Emerald Isle) blasted her horn. Now I was down to three pair of clean underwear. The ferry chased Aquila 2 and Fracas down the pine river and out into the lake. The other boat is a c and c 110 tricked out with stuff. Fracas managed to stay ahead of her for about an hour then the wind improved a bit and we shut the engine off. Things changed then, bye bye Aquila. She was running with a drifter.
We had Fracas under full sail and for several hours enjoyed the full glory of a double head stay ketch. But alas the wind petered out. Interesting word…petered? While on the way Mary Lynn noticed a bat flying around the boat. We were several miles off shore and broad daylight. Perhaps the bat was with us the whole time and was trying to bail out. He kept flying around the boat and we finally lost sight of him. Pictures to follow:

We motored the last bit into South Manitou. While stowing the mizzen I tore the stackpak a bit and immediately upon anchoring we cracked out the sewing machine and I made the repair. I also made a prom dress for Woody and he ‘dragged’ himself to shore.
We did not go ashore here and that was our loss. It is at least a mile of sand beach with hiking trails. There is a great lighthouse and buildings. There was another Canadian boat at anchor.
While I was sewing I built a new harness to lift the outboard. It fits reasonably well and we did a test lift using the mizzen boom. Perhaps now we can use the dinghy when we anchor.


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