Day sixteen: 12:27 – Leverick Bay – Home of the Michael Beans’ show

As mentioned earlier we did amend the sail plan to go to Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda today instead of going to Anegada. The extra wind would make the north side beach visits and hanging on a hook a little less confortable. Grand Cru would sail through anything as she is as stout a lady as I know.

michael beansMichael Beans does a pirate show at Leverick Bay Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7pm. The perfect happy hour entertainment. There is even a conch blowing contest.

The crew of the Osprey managed to slip their mooring before we got up this morning. They were obviously in a hurry, there was likely an incident at the last resort. We couldn’t hear anything over the sirens though.

The sail over to Leverick was right on the nose and was a slog. When we do head to Anegada it is a nice 12 or 13 mile close reach and should be a great sail.

The women are going ashore to seek a laundromat they need to wash their flimsies. Rick and I will lounge around the pool and perhaps have a beverage.

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