Day seventeen: 06:40 – Leverick Bay on a ball

We have been to the Michael Beans show many times in our years coming to the BVI. The first few years he performed at Marina Cay and lately here at Leverick Bay. The show as I mentioned earlier is from 5 to 7 Mondays to Thursdays. Rick goes crazy whenever he attends as he is a life member of the shaker girls. You have to attend for clarification of that.

The interesting wrinkle in last nights show was the rain. Not a passing gentle Caribbean shower…No…a Monsoon type four alarm full fledged pisser. The women had umbrellas and the flow off the umbrellas helped Rick and I achieve saturation. We turned other cups upside down and protected our drinks (no chance of watering those babies down). The rain eventually ceased and the show resumed. Almost all of the people returned but a few of the sailors (those who have the composition and pirate fortitude of soft ice cream) did not make it back.

black bartMichael does lots of pirate stuff and lots of Ahrrs and stuff. People dress up as pirates and the show ends with the conch blowing contest. If any of the blowers have a lip fungus or a drippy tropical disease they all will have it by the end of the blowing. We shared a table with Ricks friends Griff and Carol and their son Nate and his fiancee Taylor. Mary Lynn is a pretty good conch blower but not in the league with Carol and Nate. They won the longest blow for a man and woman and Reuben a young fellow who came dressed as the famous woman pirate Anne Bonny won for the kids section.

Early pirates sailed under the jolly roger, the typical pirate flag you think of. Later in pirating they did so under their own flags some shown here.

Today we will likely move to an anchor and perhaps today is the day we go up the hill to Hog Heaven. You might recall that we did not get up there on my November visit, we are going to rectify that today or tomorrow.

The crew is in fine spirits we are out of salt and vinegar pringles and ice. One shortage only affects one crew member and the ice is a malady that will be rectified before the sun reaches the spreaders.

Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven is a small, unassuming building on top of the hill on Nail Bay Road overlooking North Sound. It’s owned by Blondie, who apparently is also a pig farmer/ship captain on Virgin Gorda.
The view from two drinks high atop Virgin Gorda from the rail of Hog Heaven. The boats closest are in Leverick Bay where we are moored at the other end of Gorda Sound is Bitter end yacht club, Saba Rock resort, Biras Creek and a little further on Oil Nut Bay

Trip adviser gives this porcine palace a 4.5* rating all reports are good. We have to take a hair raising cab ride up the mountain to get there.

The BBQ pork is supposed to be well worth the adventure. I will report once we have lived the event.




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