Day sixteen: 06:45 – Trellis Bay

As usual no one else is up. My computer was throwing blue screens at me for a couple of hours and I had to accomplish repairs on my own. My IT guy is at home in Little Current ice fishing when I tried to get him on the phone. So I fixed it myself. I had to get it to roll back to a previous configuration I know that is relatively easy but you have to find where that lives on the computer. I had no googlizer to help as it wouldn’t connect in safe mode. I found it and things work great.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could roll our lives back just a day or so and get a re-do. I might not have a black and now blue and green eye. I remember from hockey that I still have the yellow and purple to get through. Hopefully I can shed this eye before I get another.

Trellis Bay

Trellis-BayThe beauty of Trellis Bay is the proximity of the airport. If you have crew coming or going it is just a short walk and a drag with luggage to the boat.

Trellis Bay has a small grocery store with adequate supplies. Several spots for lunch and dinner. The Last Resort is a rather famous or infamous restaurant on the little island in the bay. Rick told us last night that it was run by a donkey named vanilla.

Apparently Vanilla would come to the door and bray loudly from time to time.

Reports suggest that from time to time the donkey was ridden into the restaurant as entertainment. People did feed her carrots. And the googlizer suggests that a woman was bitten on the breast (by the donkey).

When Vanilla moved on to the great barn in the sky, Last Resort owner Ben Bamford placed a classified Help Wanted ad that read in part, “If you can eat carrots, stick your head through a door, and bray loudly, we want you.” A 25-year-old donkey named Mary applied for the position and is now entertaining guests daily. “We keep her well-fed, so she’s less aggressive towards people and less likely to confuse a finger for a carrot,” Bamford says. Mary is ridden into the restaurant during evening performances that also feature Chef Al, “the singing chef,” whose songs seem to get better the more the tequila flows.

The collectable t-shirts from the hey day of the Last Resort said “the Liver is evil and must be punished”

No donkeys evident to us, we will ask the crew of Osprey if they saw donkeys, they went last night.

Euchre tournament

Men 11 women 9

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