Day fifteen: 19:40 Trellis Bay

We knew that the Nutt and Centis gang would be in the area for the next couple of weeks. Guess who is parked right beside us. Them! The were nice enough to invite us over for happy hour and Rick even wore pants. Those of you who know Rick know that he would rather be in his underwear. Louise and everyone else would rather he wore more and more clothes but that is the way it goes.

The crew of the Osprey include; the Nutt, Centis, Nicks and McKay crew members. They had Goslings on board so they had a hard time throwing me off the boat so they could make their dinner plans. We will terrorize their boat while they are at dinner.

Update: They are still not back from dinner and its almost 9:30…these kids

The plan for tomorrow is to go over to Marina Cay so that Louise can wash Ricks gitch. He will stand by the machines while this goes on as he only has one pair and they are Special… They we will go over to Anegada for a few days. We may rent scooters again if they will let us. Surely they have taken our pictures down from the rental places.


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