Day eighteen: 11:00 Atlantic, Leverick Bay – Outboard issues

We are working on the outboard. We took off the carburetor and cleaned and checked it out but the fuel issue continues. It is either a fuel pump or fuel connection issue. We are waiting for the parts lady to call back from Spanish Town. If they have the parts we will get Cyril to run us over to get the parts to fix the friggin thing.

Not to comfortable going to Anegada without a reliable engine. We could head out for shore and drift to Mexico to be with the Fauberts.

Stan if you are reading this; It is an 8hp older yamaha two stroke 8CM   6G1S056872. It will idle ok and sometimes run ok but will starve for fuel. It can be starved for fuel and when you remove the fuel line from the engine there is pressure in the line not getting to engine though. We pulled the carb and no obvious stuck needle. The inside pump diaphragm looks a little saggy but not perforated. There was a little bit of dirt in the bowl and we blew everything out. It started right up and idles great. We can sometimes keep it going by pumping the bulb but not always. If I pull the line off the pump the primer pumps easily through the filter? Wondering if it could be a temperamental male fitting on the hose at the engine? Or could the fuel pump cause all this?

You could come on a service call, weather quite nice here.




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