Day eighteen: 06:59 – Leverick Bay

Yesterday was a big day. We decided to do the Hog heaven run for lunch. We went to shore in the dinghy from hell, the motor is acting up but I assure you it will be fixed before I leave. It has developed a fuel issue that requires squeezing the primer ball if you want the engine to run. I almost didn’t have the strength left to drink.

We were picked up by Cyril and rode in the back of his open taxi uphill and down (nothing is flat here) up to Hog Heaven. Hog Heaven has views that are amazing. In the photos I posted yesterday you can see all of the North sound and even out to Anegada if you look closely in a couple of the pictures. It was extremely windy up there but well worth the taxi fare just to see the amazing views and all the blues of the ocean.

The menu is relatively simple with  ribs, conch, swordfish etc. The ribs I had were very good almost as good as the ribs Phil Blake cooked at Hughies Hunting Haven but thats another story. The rest of the food was reported to be ok. Louise went to Hog Heaven and ordered a veggie burger. There was nothing left on the plates, we were hungry I give the food *** , drinks *****and the view **********.

We did work over the drink menu and I managed to plow through 3 Bush whackers. Thank god I didn’t have to drive the cab.

Bush Whacker: Rum, coconut rum, irish cream, kahlua, amaretto, vodka in equal amounts and run it through the drink grinder with ice. Top with fresh nutmeg. Don’t splash any on your forehead or your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get it.

Cyril was our cab driver for both legs of the journey. We said 2:00 and he said 2:30 he had another fare to bring up so, we had two hours to kill and we severely wounded it. The ride was $5 bucks each plus a tip. My tip for him was not to talk to Louise when she’s eating Salt and Vinegar chips. The twenty bucks each way was well worth it, I have been on worse rides at Canada’s Wonderland and paid more.

We are diving around one of the steeper corners heading downhill and Louise asks Cyril if he has had his brakes checked lately. Cyril turned around to answer and I was reminded of the driving seen from Planes Trains and Automobiles when John Candy turns into the devil. JEEZUZ if the brakes fail you must at least be attentive and choose what you are going to hit to stop. Turns out his brakes are in good working order and we are brought safely back to the dinghy from hell and a short ride back to the boat.

EUCHRE: The women have tied things up by taking two games from us last night. They were brutal and unforgiving. No five second rule here when you play the wrong card…tyrants. I think we need new cards these are failing us.

More as we live it.

Oh ya, saw this on Facebook. So far the guesses are it is a still. I think it is a diesel toaster? Not sure what Bliss is up to??




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