Day 4 Harbor Island

Today was a stressful transit. We had to leave Robinson bay as the advertised wind was north west and anything with north in it is bad there. We could see a quarter mile when we left but that changed within five minutes to 25 to 50 feet off the bow.
We put all of our faith in the electronics and motored in no wind at 6.5 knots. We had other vessels near and we did ‘see’ them on the video game but did not see or hear them. We did notice the wake of one vessel.
It was about thirty knots from Cockburn to Drummond. We left at noon and made it to the customs by 16:15.
The entry was very professional and friendly. We have our cruising license and now we are good to go for our time in the USA.
I think it is time for our American friends to consider coins for 1 and 2 dollar denominations. They have an old coin operated ice machine at Drummond. It takes quarters. Lots of quarters. We couldn’t get that bastard to spit out ice cubes. We did get a 3 dollar block. I will dremil it into cubes.
We no sooner left the country than my dad had a health issue and mike had to go to bat for me and help him with his care. I, we appreciate what you do for him and us.
We are anchored in harbor island which is just a mile or so from the customs dock. It is nice in here. We are sharing the place with one other boat and a bunch of fishermen.


Very quiet here just now, the only movement is a juvenile bald eagle. Probably a drone.

More later.

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