Day 5, August 21, 2014

We are in Government Bay in Les Cheneaux islands. Light wind, some sun a nice quiet afternoon.
Today I want to talk about happy hour and snacks. When Ozy and I were the participants at happy hour we snacked on traditional things. Things that might not be good for you but were good. Today we are minus Ozy and snacks changed. We had a salad! Tabernac, In the late afternoon I think you need gluten and unsaturated mono whatever the hell they are. JEEZUZ. I did have a glass of wine. I see what’s coming…tofu and soy milk. Woody already left in a flap (pun intended) when his happy hour consisted of hemp hearts and quinoa. He stayed for the wine.
We have managed to pull in internet from some neighbour using our internet vacuum device developed by mike. Works good.
There are 11 boats with us.
More later


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