CXXXVII – New Years Eve

Wednesday December 31st, 2014

It is hard to believe that it has been 137 days since we left Little Current in August and began this trek. We have been lucky to have our children with us through the holidays. Jennifer had to go back to work and flew home earlier this week and Michael and Crystal leave driving home in the morning.

It is bloody unlikely that any of us will see the year roll over. I look at the clock thinking that bedtime will hit before 10. Mike and Crystal are leaving in the morning quite early.

dirty chipsWe did have a call from our good friends from Grand Cru. Rick and Louise are on GC at Fat Hog Bay at the North end of Tortola. They showed us the etiquette and proper grazing techniques related to salt and vinegar chips. I’m not sure how many bags they demonstrated (mostly Louise), Louise has an affliction related to Salt and Vinegar chips. She seldom shares and will go closet crunching when supplies are low and she doesn’t want to share.

She was raving about the new variety they found in the BVI, an American company ‘Dirty’ chips. These chips originated in Memphis Tennessee… Dead Elvis again…

Then we went to bed. Happy New Year…


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