CXXXIX – Burnt Store day MMXV day II

Friday January 2nd, 2015

This morning finds me like most mornings sitting watching TV drinking a pretty good cup of coffee. I’ve almost forgotten how good Kicking Horse coffee is. We are presently drinking a nice coffee from Pete’s.

Lately I’m watching some great British TV mini-series. This morning I am into Whitechapel, an interesting Police/Murder series. This series investigates serial murders that are copycats of famous serial murders from the past.

I also spent 15 minutes searching for the infamous hooker killer Basil Wright…no luck. I spoke with Rick and Louise on New Years eve. We talked nostalgically of the Christmas lady but nobody has seen any sign of her since we left Spanish Town. We are likely suspects…

I’ve been thinking, Morgan Freeman was there while the Christmas lady was there…they both left about the same time…just sayin’.

bear-on-bicycle-1We have been riding around the property on the folding bikes. They ride very well but have very small wheels and frames. The seats and handle bars are high to compensate. I can’t get it out of my head that we look like the circus bears riding these bikes. We will continue to ride them as they are very practical to store and use from the boat. You do have to keep them lubricated and sprayed to prevent the salt from getting them.

Salt is the enemy…it is trying to get our boats and everything on them, including the crew. Even in fresh water you strive to keep the boat clean. Here you have to clean, rinse and protect the boat.

Today is oil change day and bilge cleaning…what to wear?

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